Closing Remarks

We wrap 360|intersect with an awesome talk. We’ll announce who soon, but we’ll make sure it’s a talk that wraps up the event right, and sends everyone home inspired.

Greatness through walking, running and sitting.

People talk a lot about being in the moment but it’s the moments between these moments that can make a difference.  The first story is about walking. Why is a conversation between friends so different then a meeting between co-workers? We walk, we talk. We advance the plot of the story. We match each others […]

Losing it: What happened when I couldn’t run for a year.

I have run 3000 miles a year for a decade. It’s been my rock, my center, my stress relief. But this year, I tore a ligament in my knee. I actually have surgery to repair it in a week and will be on crutches 2-3 months. My personal life has suffered, my professional life has […]

Thinking inside the box

The box. We’re all told to “think outside” of it. But what if you create it for yourself? How do you stop feeling stuck and get back to making things? Sharing personal stories about being trapped behind self imposed creative walls, Antonio searches for ways to get past the block.