360intersect – Magic and Wonder

The downside with trying new things, is sometimes, you get glitches. Victor Agreda's talk at 360|intersect last year is a great example of this. His talk was amazing, and this recording captures most of the awesomeness, but doesn't remotely do the … [Read more]

360|intersect – Running and Running a Business

Last year Robi Ganguly came to 360|intersect to present on how preparing to run a marathon taught him about being a better startup CEO. We'd never met until the event started. We'd traded emails, i was excited to hear his talk, but we'd never … [Read more]

360|intersect – Underworking

Last year Kirby Turner, presented at 360|intersect. He spoke about "underworking" about working enough to support yourself, to cover all the things that are important to you, but not forgetting there's more to life. Kirby is an iOS developer who has … [Read more]